Friday 23 November 2012

7 C's of Learning Design

Attended a learning design workshop at the University of Wollongong with Grainne Conole from the University of Leicester. I felt like a gate crasher, it was an in-house event, however, in keeping with Professor Conole's philosophy of adopting open practices of sharing experiences and research, I will feel better about having enjoyed the UOW hospitality and lamingtons if I share some of the resources. I think the most valuable aspects of this workshop for me were the visuals and tools like the activity widget. Links to the widget and other sites are all in the slides.

Prof Conole's Blog:, is a wonderful resource  in itself.

In January 2013, you can join the Open Learning Design Studio MOOC, which focuses on the theme of curriculum design with OER's.  (Can one participate in 2 MOOCs at once and still have a life?)


  1. I find this slideshare and all the resources mentioned there really valuable. Sharing is caring:) Thank you, Angela!
    And now I know what lamingtons are:)

  2. Lamingtons are an Aussie favourite! Glad the resources have been useful. I find the whole open source approach inspirational, counter to the business world I have worked in where every idea is "intellectual property" and a closely guarded secret.

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