Wednesday 21 November 2012

iF This Then That "iFTTT"

This could be a very useful application. I'm not sure how I will use it yet, but I have in mind something for my business where I can get it to distribute content across several applications. This idea is courtesy of Martin King. I found a very good YouTube tutorial, which is great because the iFTTT site isn't very self explanatory. "If this then that" allows you to select any action, such as post to twitter, and then do something else with it, such as post it to facebook, or whatever else you want to do. It will then carry out that series of steps for you without you having to do anything.Someone in the group wanted to send the tweets to a spreadsheet and this application will do it for you automatically once you have set it up. So I imagine the possibilities could be amazing.

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  1. HI Angela
    I just watched the Ifttt video. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll try it. It may help me organize all these new sites that I've been subscribing to.