Thursday 29 November 2012

The Google Monopoly - What Else Do You Need?

It's now just 2 months out from the start of our course and already we have exchanged ideas, resources, tools, blogs, photos and contacts. I have a rapidly expanding portfolio of cutting edge tools I can draw on to make my cyberlife infinitely better. But everything I am trying to do has a common thread.... making it simple and drawing everything together so tools and information are easily accessible.

In my life of flesh and blood, I'm trying to declutter and be less consumeristic, for environmental, ethical and spiritual reasons. I wonder if I have converted my consumeristic behaviour to a kind of online expression where I can just get more and more and more and more. And now, like in "real life" it doesn't serve me well? Just too much stuff?

Well I think I am going to try to harness the power of google, to whom I've already sold my soul, and see if I can just augment it with the things I need, rather than collecting EVERYTHING which will become outmoded in an instant anyhow. I'd rather be getting some exercise and fresh air than servicing my tweets, IFTTT and facebook. So my next few posts are going to explore google.

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