Thursday 6 February 2014

Calling Card

I've been an irregular visitor to my own blog, just popping in to redirect mail.

You can now find me here: Digital Education or here: Angela Towndrow

After a wonderful MOOCing adventure in edcMOOC in 2013, I became an eager participant in lots of other moocs, a way to expediate my self education in online learning. In late 2013, I was invited to join the second run of edcMOOC as a community teaching assistant (CTA) with 7 other previous edcMOOCers. Perhaps I will post about that experience later.

However, that prompted me to enroll in the University of Edinburgh Digital Education MSc, and my journey in that course is well underway. Great program, bits of which I am sharing on my new blog Digital Education. Do drop by, say hi, challenge my arguments, or agree with me!

Ary, Maddie, Emily and I had a fun publishing adventure following edcMOOC:

Quadblogging: Promoting Peer to Peer Learning in a MOOC 

Realising the Potential of Peer to Peer Learning: Taming a MOOC with Social Media

Wondering what to do with your coursera certificates? Teatowels?


  1. Nice article on Calling Card Angela.
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