Friday 22 February 2013

My artefact for edcmooc is a thinglink


  1. Hi Angela, I'm certain that I've commented on your fantastic artifact somewhere else. I am so amazed at all you do and how you express ideas and themes in such an intelligent and enjoyable way. I am so glad that our paths crossed in this EDCMOOC journey. Quad blogging and hangouts meant a great deal to me. The end of the class is bittersweet for me.. My husband commented," What will you do with your time now?"....I'll probably finish making my daughter's quilt. If there ever is another Mooc designed like this one, please let me know, I'd take it in a heartbeat...No talking head lectures for me any more! All my best Willa

  2. Hi Angela
    I love your image Always Online which you made on edcmooc. I want to ask your acceptance that I can use it on my new website
    I sent you a message in FB but I am not sure if u notice it so I try many ways..
    my gmail is nurmih9@