Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sync or Sink? A digital tale about syncing with my fraingers and other MOOCers #edcmooc

The latest etMOOC adventure is digital storytelling. I tried 6 photos instead of 6 words. It actually only needs that  last image, the rest are pretty dull, but they are part of the story. The final one really says it all, I took it this week while exploring some of the issues I am encountering with connectivism. Have to sort out those png files with blogspot, they don't want to be transparent, gadget needs repaired. Don't you hate that?


Hanging out

Supersizing the Convos on Forums


Talk talk talk talk 


  1. Lovely image of someone happily MOOCing. Thanks for the engaging example.

  2. Looks like you're having fun with the etmooc, Angela.

  3. I really like Paul's observation (and the digital storytelling itself, of course)... someone happily MOOCing.

  4. The main photo in the hangout is Ary! But I'm having fun in one of the little frames down the bottom. Now I think I'm ditching writing: my next post (edcmooc content driven) was meant to be a written post, but I think digital storytelling is starting to make me think in pictures and I can't be bothered writing now!